IBOU is an augmented reality solution that can be applied in various types of industries and used in the areas of training, maintenance and monitoring. Through intelligent glasses you can see virtual elements placed in the real world, naturally and transparently.


+ Hands free and portable
+ Multiple content: text, image, video, sound, 3d
+ User friendly
+ Training manual integrated in the system
+ Real-time data logging
+ Reduction of time and human resources
+ Decrease in the probability of errors
+ Accountability of users/workers
+ Possibility of  high level remote assistance
+ Possibility of use in picking tasks


During this year’s edition of Web Summit, Darwin & Warhol will be presenting IBOU, a functional project that uses augmented reality glasses, one of the leading technologies in the Industry 4.0. This solution has been developed for a multinational engineering company, and can be replicated in several contexts or customized according to the intended objectives.